Thursday, 1 February 2018

How CBD and THC Oil can Cure Elbow Pain

Elbow pain from tendentious has remained a real issue for me up until a recent discovery. I’ve suffered with elbow pain on both arms for about 10 years now because of heavy weight lifting in my youth. I’ve tried rehab, pressure cuffs, exercises and many different gadgets. I was never able to find any long-standing relief until I found Cannabis. With the easier availability of cannabis products in many states and provinces cannabis products are finally a viable medicine for pain.

I know what your thinking I didn’t just start to smoke cannabis for fun. I read about CBD and the products made from CBD and THC that could help me with pain and inflammation.  CBD and THC are cannabinoids and our bodies have processing receptors which allow your body to uptake and use these chemicals.

Once these chemicals build up in your body you will start to feel the relief from using the compounds. I ingest THC and CBD in an oil form which I purchase online. There are both edible options and creams for direct application to the painful area.

Currently I consume 10ml of Rick Hanson’s oil which is an oil that contains both THC and CBD. I’m also using a cannabis cream directly on my elbows. Pain relief started within a few days of starting treatment and improved over a month until my pain went from a 7 out of 10 down to a 2 out of 10. I now believe that my pain is managed enough that I can try rehab again.

I would highly recommend to anyone suffering with chronic tendentious pain to look into these cures.

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