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Tennis elbow, golfers elbow and weight lifters elbow pain and why do I have it

Have pain on the inside of your elbow?

Are you experiencing a burning or stinging sensation in your elbow joint? If you are you are likely experiencing some form of tendentious. If your pain radiates on the outside of your forearm and elbow you have a case of Golfers Elbow. If the pain radiates on the inside of your elbow this means you have Tennis Elbow.

It is not uncommon for a person to experience tendentious in both the outside and inside elbow or Golfers Elbow and Tennis Elbow. Both issues are caused by inflammation or thickening of the Extensor Carpi Radialis Tendon. These injuries are often slow to develop and are noticed as the burning sensation increases over time. People will notice their tendentious pain in their day to day lives as the inflammation increases in their tennis elbow. Issues with grabbing and holding objects, extending your form arm to reach or pull an object or even just pulling up your pants can irritate the condition.

Sharp Pain in The Tip of The Elbow

Once a person is experiencing the burning pain sensation their tendentious is likely chronic and will be difficult to treat. Pain in your elbows is caused by repetitive strain injuries. These strains can be experienced from many weight lifting movements with both heavy and light weights being able to cause the irritation. Examples of lifting movements that will increase tendentious and pain are:

-Arm Curls
-Bench Press
-Pull Ups

It isn’t just weight lifters, tennis players and golfers that are prone to repetitive strain tendentious. Any person that completes repetitive tasks with their hands and arms can become a victim of tendentious pain.

-Typing with improper form
-Grabbing and squeezing repeatedly such as factory workers

Tennis Elbow can result in pain when strengthening your arm or gripping

The common thread in all elbow tendentious is the type and location of the pain a person will experience. Pain from elbow tendentious is often described as a burning sensation or a pulling tension inside the joint on the outside of the arm. People experiencing Golf Elbow will feel pain on the inside of their arm with the same sensations as Tennis Elbow.

Tennis elbow

There are elbow pain solutions that can cure both Tennis and Golf Elbow. The very first move is to take a break from what is causing the pain. This is often hard for people as it could affect their lively hood but for people who can rest it is an important factor in healing from the inflammation caused by repetitive injury. Next up is ice. Icing your elbow over the pain area for 20 minutes at a time at least 5 times a day to start. This will greatly control the inflammation in your joint which will decrease the pain you often feel when your elbow is flexing.

NSAIDS can and should be used to reduce inflammation in your joint. These drugs are known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Advil or Aleve. Both drugs are safe to use for extended periods of time when used as directed and both will decrease inflammation in your joints and tendons.

How to continue your activities and reduce pain

Bracing and compression can also help treat acute tendentious. Weight lifters and dedicated golfers and tennis players often are not willing to let their tendentious pain interfere with their fun and exercise. In these cases, it is recommended that braces are used while participating in these activities.

Braces can put pressure on the tendons which will reduce the pain at the tendon contact point where it meets the bone of your elbow. These braces also reduce the amount of moment the user can experience thus reducing the damage to the tendons when under strenuous use. Without any questions a brace or cuff for tennis elbow will help reduce pain and inflamation when you are using your injured arm.

Once you’ve reduced the swelling of your Radialis Tendon you can begin to rehabilitate your injury. The name of the game is gentle and slow. Any activity that irritates your tendentious will undo any improvements you have made. Once your tendons are injured almost any amount of motion or strain in your elbow can cause your injury become inflamed again which means you need to start the healing process over again.

When it’s time to rehab your elbow pain there are several great options that can be completed at home. Please read our article “Your guide to free home rehab”.

If your Tennis or Golf Elbow isn’t healing, you can visit your local rehabilitation clinic. Options for severe or treatment resistant tendentious can be steroid injections in the affected tendons. Also, ultrasound can be used to break up scar tissue inside the joint. Most cases of Tennis elbow can be resolved on your own by following my instructions.

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